03-10-2019 | Cs

The leader of Cs asks Iceta to 'rectify' and support the motion of coexistence of Cs because, if he does not, 'constitutionalism weakens throughout Spain'

"If the PSC breaks the union of the constitutionalists, Mr. Torra wins and the Catalans lose." This has been said by the leader of Citizens (Cs) in Catalonia and national spokesman for the party, Lorena Roldán, after meeting with the president of the PP in Catalonia, Alejandro Fernández, who has shown his willingness to support the motion of censure against Quim Torra proposed by the orange formation and will be discussed next Monday.

In a press conference at the Parliament, Roldán explained that the "motion of coexistence goes far beyond a parliamentary sum" because "it is the first step of the constitutionalists to return freedom to the Catalans", who are seeing " violated their rights ”by a president of the Generalitat – referring to Quim Torra – that“ jelly alleged terrorists ”.

In this sense, Roldán has asked the leader of the PSC, Miquel Iceta, to “reconsider and rectify” because “they are still in time to support the motion of coexistence, freedom and security”. He has also appealed to the "responsibility" of the Socialists and warned them that, if they do not support the motion of censure, "constitutionalism will weaken throughout Spain."

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