06-13-2019 | Cs

The Cs spokeswoman criticizes Torra's inaction during his first year and asks him to 'stop opening bars and embassies and open hospital plants'

"You are the absent president, you live with your back to the problems of the Catalans." This has been said by the spokesperson for Citizens (Cs) in the Parliament, Lorena Roldán, the president of the Generalitat, Quim Torra, who has taken stock of his first year in office. For Roldán, the explanations he has given show that he is "very far from the reality of what is happening in Catalonia" because he "has not come to preside over the Generalitat, but to continue with the coup" that Carles Puigdemont initiated. "They are the same doing the same," said the deputy of Cs, after Torra has threatened to "re-declare independence unilaterally."

The orange spokeswoman has reproached the President who has not "moved a finger for the problems of the Catalans", such as school bullying, barracks in schools or health waiting lists. Also, he has asked that "stop spending money from everyone to open bars and embassies and dedicate to open hospital plants" so that patients do not have to wait in the corridors.

"With the needs that are happening so many families and you are dedicated to squander money for the 'procés'. Is not the conscience removed? ", He asked, and concluded:" Remove the supremacism from above and remove the yellow ribbon from your eyes. "

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