09-28-2019 | Cs

The national spokeswoman of Cs urges Pedro Sánchez to 'break up with Torra and the separatists in all their government pacts in municipalities and the Diputación de Barcelona'

"Torra is the gasoline of the separatist commandos." This was stated by the national spokeswoman for the Executive of Citizens (Cs), Lorena Roldán, after publishing in some media that the president of the Generalitat has been appointed before the judge by one of the CDRs arrested for alleged terrorism and, apparently, he could have even interviewed one of them. Fact that the leader of Cs in Catalonia has called "very serious" because "not only jelly, defends and applauds them in the Parliament, but if confirmed this information could also have been aware of their actions and even plan to help them" .

In statements to the media, the leader of Citizens in Catalonia has stated that "this has been the black week of separatism in Catalonia." In this regard, he has detailed that “the independence parties have approved this week resolutions declared illegal by the Constitutional Court, they have voted to cast the Civil Guard of Catalonia, and they have censored and thrown Citizens, and the voice of thousands and thousands of constitutionalists , of the Parliament for denouncing the infamy that Torra and separatist deputies applaud the detainees for alleged terrorism offenses in the Parliament of all Catalans. ”

Given the latest information, the national spokeswoman of Cs has defended "act now" because "Torra can no longer be the representative of the State in Catalonia and continue to lead 17,000 Mossos d'Esquadra." Roldan has addressed the acting President of the Government to ask if “do not you think enough reasons to do something? Do you need something worse to happen? How far are you willing to allow this to continue? ” For this reason, he has urged Pedro Sánchez to “stop turning his back on the constitutionalist Catalans and break all his pacts and governments with Torra and the separatists in city councils and in the Barcelona Provincial Council”.

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