Lorenzo Sanz: "My father's passion for Real Madrid was not normal"

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NEWS | 03/22/2020

Lorenzo and Fernando Sanz and Míchel Salgado remember the figure of the former president of Real Madrid.

After the death of Lorenzo Sanz, the displays of affection and condolences were immediate. His family wanted to thank him for the many messages of encouragement and remembered his figure as head of Real Madrid. Her son Lorenzo Sanz said on Realmadrid TV: “It is a hard time for the whole family and for all Madridistas. He would like us to continue extolling his figure. What he has done for Madrid and his family deserves everything. "

"It is a very hard time … The way my father has passed away I do not wish on anyone. We will join all possible forces to be able to speak and answer everyone. I have 500 messages to answer. People's displays of affection have been incredible. It is very hard not to have been encouraging my father these last days. We did it from a distance because we couldn't be with him. ”


"What he has done as president of the Madrid It is something that everyone has been able to see. But he is my father and for me his figure is not only the period as president. For him, Madrid is like one more son. I remember going to Bernabéu every Sunday since I can remember. His passion for this club was not normal. He helped as he could, first as a manager and as vice president … He was taking center stage because of his passion for the club. He left the rest aside because Madrid was also his family ”.

I do not know how to start because it is very hard but the day we met was the day of the first photo, which was the day of my presentation at @realmadrid You were complaining about your knee pain but during the presentation you said something about what we always laughed "I think this player is going to stay with us for a long time". Said and done, I stayed a long time at Real Madrid, but forever as part of your family. From the moment my parents died, María Luz and you have been second parents to me and I will always appreciate it. We got along well because perhaps our stories are similar in part: humble family, having to help the family get ahead and fulfill our dreams with a lot of work, also you were one of the old school, those who when asked for something give it without asking why or for what, or those who to defend their own are capable of bearing the blame without making excuses. You leave an incredible woman, 5 spectacular children and 17 grandchildren who adore you. In addition, no Madridista will forget you, I say this because I know what @realmadrid meant to you, you were a 7-year-old boy when you sold water with your grandmother at the Bernabéu and you have become the President who has brought the first 2 Champions in the club history. Lorenzo, I am very proud to have been your son-in-law first and then your player, although chronologically it was the other way around. Rest in peace, don't forget to wear your gold and shiny club insignia on your jacket with the pride that you did and know that the Salgado-Sanz family with your daughter Malula, your grandchildren Malu, Miguel and Alán, and a server will never forget you, you will always be present in this house. DEP Don Lorenzo Sanz Thank you all very much for your messages of affection. Thank you so much for all your messages full of love.

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