The candidate No. 1 of the PP of Córdoba to the Congress of Deputies Andrés Lorite has assured today that "the irresponsibility of Pedro Sánchez can do a lot of damage to our economy", in relation to the European Commission's call for attention on the increase in the deficit public.

In Rute, the popular candidate has addressed this current issue with Carmen Arcos, a substitute candidate for Congress, and has lamented the bad spectacle that the Socialist Government in Europe is giving, wanting to hide data. “The European Commission has asked Pedro Sánchez for explanations on how he will add up to 6,000 million euros of deficit, since he has breached all the conditions required in terms of debt and containment of public spending, reaching four times the primary expenditure recommending by the Commission, ”he explains.

And all this happens because of being in an election campaign, says Lorite. “Pedro Sánchez had embarked on a flight forward, leading the country to a new scenario of fiscal indiscipline; now the European Commission has awakened him from his irresponsible and reckless dream, demonstrating his inability to face the economic scenario, ”he argues

“For pure electoral interest, Pedro Sánchez hides this increase in the deficit, when the reality is that all Spaniards will have to deal with that irresponsibility and for that there are only two options: or raise taxes or make social cuts, or both to the time, ”says the popular candidate.

In this sense, Andrés Lorite has affirmed that Pedro Sánchez cannot continue in La Moncloa because it leads us towards a new economic crisis. "We are on the edge of the precipice, all macroeconomic indicators are negative, alarms are going off and Pedro Sánchez hides it, denies it and puts his head in the hole like the ostrich, as happened with Zapatero," he argues.

When the PSOE governs, the economic crisis returns and the rise in unemployment, when the PP rules, it has to fix the bad socialist inheritance of crisis, unemployment, etc. as previous popular governments have shown, he says.

Likewise, for Lorite "if we fragment the vote we make it easy for Pedro Sánchez." There has been no sum Spain because others have not wanted to add, now we have the opportunity to join forces at the polls and to unify the right center vote in the only option that is alternative to Pedro Sánchez, and that is Pablo Casado and the project of the PP.


In another order of things, the popular candidate has referred to the latest scandal we have known from the previous socialist government of the Board. "One million vaccinated ghost flu in Andalusia only by postureo, not to appear below the average of other autonomous communities," he says.

You can not play with health, falsifying data and leaving Andalusians unattended, says Lorite who recalled how they also hid half a million patients on the waiting list in hospitals and 34,000 dependents who were not on the official lists (10,000 of them in the province of Córdoba). "When they didn't like statistics, they invented it or made another one."

On the other hand, Carmen Arcos stressed that “nobody wanted these general elections, but we are facing a new opportunity to change course, so that Spain adds a majority that can take our country out of the paralysis and the blockade it has suffered for months "

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