The candidate nº1 of the PP of Córdoba to the Congress of Deputies Andrés Lorite has affirmed that “the only useful vote for Spain is the support of the Popular Party and Pablo Casado, everything else benefits Pedro Sánchez and the Socialist Party”.

The Cordovan candidate has called on the Cordoba people to reflect on the vote two days after the election day and after having heard the statements of a Vox leader in Córdoba calling the useful vote. "To change things, to get out of the blockade that Spain suffers and to throw Pedro Sánchez de la Moncloa we must join forces in the only alternative capable of achieving that is the PP and Pablo Casado," he says and adds, "with the law electoral that we have, to vote for Vox is to keep Sanchez in the Moncloa and in the province of Córdoba it is to give seats to the PSOE, it is to put a red carpet so that it remains in power; thus, voting for Vox is a useful vote for Pedro Sánchez and for the Socialist Party. ”

Thus, Lorite has called on Cordoba to concentrate the vote in the PP. "We stand before the citizens with a solid, strong, cohesive and capable party to rescue Spain from the serious economic crisis and the very serious independence challenge that we have on the table," says the candidate. With the current scenario, management experience and solvent teams are needed, and the PP has both factors. "Together we can get it, so this Sunday we have to fill the ballot boxes of the PP," he says.

Lorite has lamented asked the PSOE and Pedro Sánchez how many nations there are in Spain, and if he will agree after 10N with Torra, Junqueras and Otegi. "It's a popular clamor that Spain has gotten away from Sanchez, and that's why the only alternative is the PP," he says. Lorite has lamented that Sanchez leaves the door open to agree with the independentists after 10N and continues to maintain the pacts in the Diputación de Barcelona and 40 municipalities in Catalonia. "It is clear that he owes them the job and they will agree again," he says.

Likewise, for the Cordoba candidate Brussels again gives a blow to Sánchez, when the European Commission lowers the forecast of growth in Spain and warns that the deficit will not be met. "Sanchez, as has happened with the unemployment data, will try to take away importance and put his head in the hole like the ostrich, but the reality is that the crisis has come and he is not able to avoid it," he says.

It is necessary to have a strong government and with the feet the ground that can cope with the crisis. "I am sure that with a Government with Pablo Casado in front we will arrive in time to stop the crisis and return to job creation," he says.

In another order, Andrés Lorite has described the appropriation of the Prosecutor's Office by Pedro Sánchez as intolerable. “The PSOE believes that all institutions are its farmhouse and that it can do and undo as it pleases, to the point that it confuses public powers, tries to manipulate and torpedo them,” he says and adds “or is an ignorant or knowingly commits the Puigdemont delivery, as prosecutors denounce. ”

From the PP we show our utmost respect to the Prosecutor's Office which, as guarantor of the law that defends all Spaniards, concludes the popular candidate.

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