El cabeza de lista al Congreso de los Diputados por Córdoba, Andrés Lorite

The candidate No. 1 to the Congress of Deputies Andrés Lorite has affirmed that “with Pedro Sánchez, Spain has been living in a permanent Halloween, in a long night of terror with a zombie government that only throws negative data”.

For Lorite, we Spaniards support a government in electoral functions that scares job creation, investment, prosperity, economic development, social welfare, digitalization, and everything that is key to our future. "For this reason, we call the people of Cordoba to end the next 10N with this long night of the terror we have suffered since Pedro Sánchez arrived in Moncloa."

Likewise, the popular candidate has valued Pablo Casado's commitment to the revaluation and sustainability of the pension system. “The PP has always guaranteed the revaluation of pensions by law, and has increased them considerably in the 2018 PGE, especially the lowest and widow's,” he says.

However, – says the popular candidate – “the PSOE, despite the fact that it speaks a lot, has not separated the public pension system for so many years; the only time the pensions to the Spaniards have been frozen was carried out by a PSOE Government with Zapatero in front. ”

The Socialist Party endangered the public pension system by putting Spain on the brink of rescue, which would have meant a significant reduction in pensions and the loss of purchasing power as a step in Greece and Portugal.

“It was the Government of Mariano Rajoy who avoided that rescue, who guaranteed the pensions and who increased them,” recalls Andrés Lorite

If we reach the Government of Spain, the PP undertakes to improve the sustainability of the pension system, make it financially sustainable “and for this the system cannot be nurtured only with Social Security contributions, but must to have a contribution in charge of the PGE that increases the pension fund ”, he affirms.

The popular candidate has advocated the revaluation of pensions by law since the Toledo Pact, and have the CPI as an indicator for that revaluation. "In this way we will be able to guarantee this social system in which some of us have worked permanently, and of which others speak a lot but do very little," he says and adds, "an example of this is that during this short term the Government of Pedro Sánchez has not met once to the Toledo Pact Commission of which I am a member ”.

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