Vox considers the decision to suspend the Magdalena 2020 Foundational Festivities timely.

The health crisis that we are suffering, the insecurity regarding the health of the people of Castellón and the need to dedicate all resources to combat the nightmare of the Wuhan virus, the measure advises, more if possible, they add from Vox, if you have the consensus of the "mon de la festa"

Luciano Ferrer: ” It seems to us a sound decision and consistent with the situation we are going through. If we add to this the total agreement of the 'mon de la festa', the need to celebrate the 75th Anniversary as it should be celebrated and the possibility of allocating funds to the fight against the health crisis, there is no doubt that the decision is the right one, as long as those funds withdrawn from the party are used to give an oxygen balloon to overcome the crisis to merchants, hoteliers, farmers, ranchers, fishermen, entrepreneurs, self-employed, SMEs, etc …"

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