The councilor toured the facilities, located on the Borriol Highway, led by its president, Santiago Miralles, taking an interest in the operation and the work being done.

The Food Bank currently serves more than 18,000 people in the province through its more than 90 distribution points to NGOs and humanitarian entities, with Caritas being the destination of a high percentage of the food distributed.

1000 tons of food were distributed among the most needy last year and this is expected to reach 1,500, which represents an increase of approximately 50% that is attributable to the pandemic and the economic crisis in which it has led.

The profile of people seeking help has also changed, notably increasing the number of young Spanish married couples served.

The Food Bank also collaborates with the administration, to avoid delays, in the distribution of shopping cards for supermarkets, renewing them once the expense has been justified and the destination of the funds verified.

Next week there will be a new food collection that this time will have an online collection to avoid risks to the volunteers. With what was collected next week, plus aid from collaborating companies and the State, the Food Bank estimates that it will be able to gather merchandise to attend to requests until next March.

Luciano Ferrer: "It is sad that the Food Bank has to exist but thanks to it many families can eat. The work it does is essential to solve the crisis we are going through. "

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