He national deputy Luis Gestoso has presented jointly with all the spokespersons of Environment and Agriculture of VOX in the Congress of Deputies, among which are Macarena Olona as GP General Secretary or Manuel Mariscal as one of the spokespersons on this matter, a series of questions addressed to the Executive.

Gestoso, spokesperson for Climate Change in the same, has drafted these questions referring to the irregularities in the processing of the report of the social-communist Government on the situation of the Mar Menor and they will be presented jointly in Congress and Senate, being the Senator José Manuel Marín the person in charge of your registry.

In the declaration of the aforementioned report, reference is made to the affectation of the quantitative and chemical status of the Groundwater Body, however, the adequate scientific study has not been carried out to analyze whether there is the quantitative and chemical deterioration necessary for the risk declaration , also including ridiculous contradictions that reveal the intention of the Government of Sánchez and Iglesias: to criminalize agriculture in the Region of Murcia and ruin it.

"From the Ministry of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge, the international image of Murcian agricultural products is being destroyed," said Gestoso, adding: "The objective of this misgovernment is to prevent their export to create a subsidized economy and captive vote as they did in other parts of Spain where the left ruled ”.

From VOX we consider that it is not acceptable for the interior of Campo de Cartagena to be included in the declaration when none of the soundings studied shows the existence of irrigation.
In short, from the Technical Report it is deduced that there is no scientific evidence that proves the existence of the requirements for the declaration of the risk status of the groundwater mass, which is why the questions presented by Luis Gestoso in Congress are the following :

Is the Government going to continue with the processing of this file despite the manifest irregularities in its processing?

Does the Government intend to prevent the irreparable damage that this nonsense will generate in the external image of Spanish agricultural products by declaring, without any reason, that they are irrigated with "water from a contaminated aquifer"?

"It is absolutely false that no aquifer is contaminated, only the mind of the minister is contaminated, which is contaminated by sectarianism and progressive intransigence," concluded deputy Luis Gestoso.

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