He has opted for efficient and sustainable productions to achieve good food, at reasonable prices, that reach all citizens. He has defended the need to "make food for all citizens of the world a reality", in line with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the 2030 Agenda.

Planas has participated today in the 12th Conference of Agriculture Ministers in the framework of the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture (GFFA), held annually in Berlin and bringing together representatives from 76 countries, as well as the European Commission, of the African Union and other international organizations (FAO, WTO or World Bank, among others).

The minister has stressed that agrifood trade cannot be at the center of trade disputes. Among all, he pointed out, it is necessary to ensure that this "trade is based on rules that respect the environment, workers' rights and also basic health standards for all food products."

He highlighted the important role that the European Union plays as a stabilizer in the current international context, by betting on promoting trade agreements and defending multilateral organizations.

He has also pointed out the need to guarantee food safety and prevent the spread of pests and diseases to other regions. However, he stressed that he cannot make an excuse to impose unjustified restrictions for sanitary or phytosanitary reasons. He has also pointed out the need for advances in digitized agriculture to reach all producers.

Planas has valued the proposal of FAO and other international organizations to establish an International Digital Council for Food and Agriculture, requested last year in the framework of this conference, to improve international cooperation and create synergies in the field of digitalization . In this regard, he stressed that the Spanish Strategy for Digitization of the Agrifood, Forestry and Rural Environment Sector is already being developed.

Actions that are in line with the objectives of the future Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and other European policies to support the digitalization of the agri-food sector and the rural environment.

Planas has underlined the commitment of the Government of Spain to the four challenges that are reflected in the ministerial declaration of this conference, adopted today, to promote a trade that provides food security, that contributes to development, that creates inclusive, sustainable and sustainable supply chains safe, as well as to strengthen fair rules in agricultural trade.

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