El diputado del GPP en el Congreso de los Diputados, Luis Santamaría

On the renewal of the CGPJ: “Do not ask us to legitimize your particular ascent to heaven with our raid, because the rule of law and our freedom are at stake. Do not ask us to facilitate the entry of Podemos into the last bastion that we have in the rule of law for those who have come to destroy the consensus that guides our coexistence ”.

– "How can one seek pacts while threatening the basic agreements that guide our democratic coexistence?" Asks the GPP Justice spokesman.

– Affirms that "the PP has not come to occupy institutions or the judiciary as demonstrated by the Proposal of Law that we debate today because the three objectives of the Popular Party in matters of Justice are: to safeguard judicial independence, defend the constitutional framework and improve the public justice service ”.

– He points out that "to avoid embarrassment to Spaniards from seeing the General Prosecutor's Office continuously acting as a party prosecutor, we propose to develop the constitutional principles of independence, impartiality and neutrality" in Justice.

– Explains that it is a question of preventing those who have held a political position from opting for the Attorney General's Office if four years have not passed since their cessation in the condition of a public position, in addition to expanding the scope of the suitability test to which the candidate for The Attorney General of the State has to be submitted to the Justice Commission of Congress, so that it must then be ratified by a qualified majority of two thirds of the plenary session of the Congress of Deputies.

– Defend that the GPP initiative would comply with the mandate of the European Court of Human rights and the reports of the State Groups against Corruption (GRECO), which consider that the appearance of impartiality is as important as impartiality itself, and that they have warned of the necessary independence in substance and form, which today do not exist.

– Complaint that the General Prosecutor's Office has become "the 23rd Ministry of the Government", which has opted for "revisionism forgetting that we Spaniards have decided 43 years ago to stop looking at the past with the approval of the Amnesty Law."

– Regrets that “it is the State institutions that the Government has occupied with its Podemos partners, such as the Prosecutor's Office, RTVE, the CNI, the CIS or the CNMC, which encourage, encourage and promote everything that separates Spaniards, including the revisionist delusion ”.

– He assures that "the squatting of the institutions makes the Prosecutor's Office run to the aid of the new memorial paradigm to persecute Martín Villa, while remaining silent when it comes to promoting the declaration of Iglesias requested by the General Prosecutor of Bolivia."

– He reproaches Adriana Lastra for her "selective memory" and reminds her that the dishonorable conversations between Dolores Delgado and former commissioner Villarejo cannot be forgotten.

– He affirms that in Congress there are “two great escapists: Pedro Sánchez, who has never explained the ERE or assumed political responsibilities but sent the Minister of Justice this summer to meet with Chávez; and Pablo Iglesias, who flees when it comes to giving explanations for the Dina case or the financing of his party.

– Considers “unacceptable that the status of magistrate of the Constitutional Court, or that his possible assignment to progressivism, or that a threat of non-renewal to the Prosecutor who has to assess the events that occurred, could affect a case as serious as that of a alleged crime of gender violence ”. "Where is the Ministry of Equality on this issue?" He asks.

– As an example of the need for a change in the appointment of the Prosecutor's Office, he cites the collusion of some prosecutors with the Podemos legal team, and demands Dolores Delgado to say in what state of processing are the proceedings that the PP claimed from Dolores Delgado for the connivance of the Prosecutor's Office with a corrupt political party.

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