07-13-2020 | Cs

Cs celebrates his entry into the Basque Parliament with parliamentarian José Manuel Gil and hopes to add another representative when the vote from abroad is counted

“Beyond the numbers of each party, we are concerned about the rise of nationalist parties. We are concerned about the result of the BNG and EH Bildu, ”said the national spokesperson for Citizens (Cs), Melisa Rodríguez, on Monday. This was done after the meeting of the Executive Committee of the liberal formation, in which the electoral results in Galicia and the Basque Country were analyzed. "We believe that part of the history of Spain is not being taken into account and we are concerned about the resurgence of these groups," he stressed. "A message has been sent to the central government that we want to reaffirm: to make a pact with those who do not believe in our country, the only thing it does is give them wings. But there is still time to rectify. The PSOE government can look downtown to prevent nationalists from continuing to grow. "

Regarding the possibility of reissuing the coalition with the Popular Party in hypothetical Catalan elections, Rodríguez explained that Cs "is going to work and put on the table the necessary tools so that no constitutional vote is rejected" in these future elections.

In response to the results in Galicia, the national spokesperson wanted to acknowledge “the work of our colleagues and our candidate, Bea Pino”, of whom she highlighted how “throughout the campaign we have seen the great political quality that it has. Galicia, with Bea Pino in the Xunta, would have put the batteries ”. “The scenario was complicated and, as Bea said, a seven-month cycle of electoral processes closes and a new stage begins despite the fact that the result has not been good. All elected officials of Cs in Galicia will defend the interests of Galicians in all institutions.

Accompanied by the elected parliamentarian José Manuel Gil, Rodríguez celebrated that “finally Cs has a voice in the Basque Parliament, which may be two since we are pending the recount of the foreign vote. Gil is going to put the first step in the Basque Parliament, as we already did in Catalonia. It will defend the voice of Basques who are concerned about yesterday's results. "

The elected candidate and coordinator of Cs in Donostia assumes "the enormous responsibility of being the first citizen parliamentarian in the history of the Basque Chamber". "Our group is not going to disappoint its voters or Basque society: we are going to defend the Constitution, the liberties and the unity of our country in the Parliament of Vitoria. We are clear that the only way to fight nationalists is with useful policies and courageously offering an alternative to nationalism. Demonstrating policies can be made at the service of all Basques and all Spaniards and not just a few. "

Finally, Rodríguez has announced that Cs will meet this Tuesday with representatives of the concerted school because "criminalizing the concerted school, as the Government does, only shows that the educational reality of our country is not known."

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