06-29-2020 | Cs

The national spokeswoman for Cs has asked for prudence and responsibility in the face of "the outbreaks" because "the pandemic is still out there"

"We are going to request the urgent appearance of Pablo Iglesias in Congress on the theft of the mobile phone from a former adviser to the leader of Podemos, Dina Bousselham," announced the national spokesperson for Ciudadanos (Cs), Melisa Rodríguez. "Iglesias opts for the ostrich technique and we have zero tolerance for them to keep hiding their heads," said Rodríguez. "We do not enter to assess a crime because it is the task of justice, but we do come to Congress and appear, since it is outrageous that the idea of ​​appearing does not come from himself," he sentenced. The spokesperson for the orange formation has detailed that some of the questions that the vice president should answer are: "Have you had a personal card from someone outside?", "Why was it destroyed?", "Have you received privileged information from the prosecution?". Likewise, Rodríguez has valued that "the sewers" of which Iglesias spoke "were not such."

In another order of things, the also member of the National Standing Committee of the liberal party has transferred "the concern of Cs about the outbreaks in Spain" and has asked "to take seriously the recommendations of the WHO because the pandemic is still there." "We must speak prudently and responsibly about the situation," said Rodríguez, who has also called for "reinforcing airport security protocols, defending block behavior in Europe and protecting tourists and Spaniards."

On the negotiating table, the national spokesperson for Cs reported that "the Government is not making things easy for the opposition that we believe in equality", but has ruled "that we will continue to work for the Spanish despite the difficulties" . In addition, he noted that "at the negotiating table there are only privileges and only talks about independence and advantages for prisoners of the process" and stressed that "there is no talk of the health system, dependency rates, the self-employed, the families or possible outbreaks ”.

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