Holders of his intervention:

  • The GPP shows its solidarity with people affected by listeriosis and their families and will always work on measures to improve the health of citizens.
  • Health professionals have been essential to control the outbreak because they are the main asset of our model.
  • Scientific Societies and Official Colleges have positively recognized and valued the diligent, transparent and rigorous work with which the Andalusian Board has acted since day one.
  • The Board has renewed and updated the existing protocols quickly, adapting them to the singularities of the outbreak: clinical protocols for primary and hospital care; protocols for the collection and processing of clinical samples for microbiological diagnosis, and the protocol for asymptomatic pregnant women. A job he has shared with the Ministry and the rest of the Autonomous Communities.
  • The Ministry must exercise the powers that correspond to it in the coordination and leadership of the improvement of the current control systems. We must be prepared and provide ourselves with the necessary resources to improve prevention and favor an early and effective approach to food crises that may come.

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