Macarena Montesinos durante el Pleno en el Congreso de los Diputados

• The GPP deputy spokesperson accuses the Government of concealing the truth of the pandemic and designing a Public Television to spread its lies: “We do not deserve a Government incapable of protecting ourselves, spreading hoaxes, gagging freedom of expression and information and not honor their dead, nor do we deserve a sectarian public television that manipulates, misinforms and hides the truth "

• He accuses the Government of trying to “shake off” the responsibility for the fact that there are still no PPE, masks, tests for the Spanish or transparency in the management of the crisis. "And for this they have designed a disinformation strategy in which RTVE is the key, like the CIS in Tezanos," he adds.

• Remember that TVE “was the first to abide by the indecent slogan of‘ minimizing the climate contrary to the management of the crisis by the Government ”, and they apply to it

• He assures that "the submission" of TVE to the Government is such that it was "the only means that did not stand before the gag" of the canned press conferences, without video questions and more typical of dictatorships, such as the 'Aló Presidente' or NODE 2020

• Denounces the efforts of TVE to disqualify the Health of Madrid following the slogans of Moncloa "with an evident cruelty", unfit for a public service and based on testimonies of supposed experts whose great endorsement is to be a position or affiliate of Podemos

• Regrets that with more than 20,000 deaths from Coronavirus in Spain, RTVE not only refuses to put a black crepe in mourning on the TVE screen, but also delves into the pain of the victims with an absolute lack of sensitivity when broadcasting Quarantine diaries

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