Macarena Olona, ​​deputy for Granada and general secretary of the VOX Parliamentary Group in Congress, has wondered how much the life of Spaniards is worth for public administrations that have abandoned citizens to their fate in the face of the coronavirus pandemic, and whose management Negligent policy has led to the deaths of thousands of compatriots and an unprecedented economic crisis.

«The question we would ask ourselves if VOX were in government is how much is a Spaniard worth to you? -In reference to one of the dialogues in the movie 'Schindler's list' – and our answer is clear: Whatever it takes, because the lives of Spaniards, their families, their businesses are at stake …, before the absolute incompetence on the part of public administrations, forcing us to close businesses and curtail all our rights and freedoms with this clearly unconstitutional state of alarm. What the Government should be doing is adopting concrete measures and being on the side of the citizens, ”said Macarena Olona.

The VOX deputy for Granada recalled that “we raised our voices in the Congress of Deputies to warn that the health crisis would turn into an economic crisis. Unfortunately we have left a lot on the way: thousands of lives lost, businesses closed and millions of Spaniards without work, when it was precisely the Spaniards who have given everything for this country.

The central, autonomous and municipal administrations lack a plan to move Spain forward and apply "measures from another century." Macarena Olona has denounced "the outrage against the hotel and trade industry" and therefore VOX "will be by her side in the mobilizations announced by these sectors." From VOX «we demand responsibility and a contingency plan from the Junta de Andalucía, and we demand that the municipalities take measures that are on the side of the Spaniards, such as an exemption or reduction of fees and other municipal taxes. To the 70,000 lives that we have lost in Spain as a direct consequence of the coronavirus and the direct management of the Government, we must add the deaths of workers and employers, who scrupulously comply with the law and with the payment of taxes.

"The City Council of Granada has not adopted a single measure to be on the side of the people of Granada, with the excuse of a municipal deficit that amounts to about 300 million euros and that is largely due to putting their hand in the public box" In view of this, VOX proposes "to liquidate public assets and with the money grant direct lines of help to citizens" and real savings through "the elimination of political spending."

Illegal immigration.

"The irresponsibility of the Government, the Junta de Andalucía and the Granada City Council" has sponsored "a plot of government trafficking of illegal immigrants arriving from the Canary Islands to Granada, which the unworthy Minister of the Interior is now trying to hide." Faced with this, "only VOX reiterates that a disorderly immigration policy gives rise to the effect called and to promote human trafficking mafias", a lack of control that affects the health and safety of the people of Granada because "immigrants come without proof PCR and may be infected with coronavirus. In this regard, Macarena Olona recalled the case of the Víznar shelter enabled as an internment center for irregular immigrants where inmates infected by coronavirus are housed and there have been leaks. "VOX simply asks that the Law be complied with and that borders be defended"

PP and Ciudadanos lie to the people of Granada.

Onofre Miralles, spokesperson for VOX in the Granada City Council, for his part, wondered why Almuñécar, Motril, Baza or Ogíjares distribute thousands of euros "for their self-employed or for the most disadvantaged families, while Granada does not" , as well as many other municipalities in the province "grant direct aid to their neighbors, and Granada does not", demonstrating this government team of PP and Ciudadanos an "absolute shamelessness by lying to the face of Granada saying that measures will be adopted immediate and they have not done anything for months, before which VOX will take serious measures ».

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