Macarena Olona, ​​deputy for Granada and general secretary of the VOX Parliamentary Group in Congress, has demanded that the Government clarify the number of irregular immigrants who arrived in Granada by plane from the Canary Islands and whether they were subjected to PCR tests, given the social concern that It is generating these transfers among the people of Granada and in order to guarantee the safety and health of our citizens and of our State Security Forces and Bodies, which denounced the health risk of these flights.

The VOX deputy for Granada has registered several questions before the Table of the Congress of Deputies to “demand information on the number of tests carried out on irregular immigrants who have entered Granada in the last month, as well as to know if the health checks were carried out pertinent -including the PCR- to the 200 immigrants both upon their arrival in the Canary Islands and once they were transferred to the Granada airport ", where another dozen people in an irregular situation arrived yesterday, as we have learned from the media.

«To the migratory crisis that the Canarian archipelago suffers and the passivity of the convulsive Executive, which is doing little or nothing, now adds the transfer of 200 immigrants in an irregular situation to Granada, where in itself the migratory pressure that our province suffers high and now it is increased with these flights, for the sake of a supposed 'dispersion' to alleviate ”the number of immigrants in the archipelago, explained Macarena Olona

In VOX «we echo the voices that have denounced the measures adopted by the Government and its disastrous management of the massive influx of immigrants, and we condemn the erratic behavior of the head of the Ministry of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, who has tried unsuccessfully avoid their responsibility by saying that their ministry neither organizes nor manages transfers of immigrants, avoiding taking drastic measures to avoid possible transfers.

“The migratory pressure in our country translates into a situation of notorious insecurity for all citizens, who see how the Government allows a subterfuge to enter immigration that can lead to a source of contagions of considerable dimensions. In addition, the government's budget is being misused, making commercial flights available to irregular immigration for their transfer, food vouchers and publicly owned buildings for their stay in our country, ”criticized the deputy from VOX for Granada.

Complaints from members of the State Security Forces and Bodies.

The police unions have revealed "how the Government is trying to alleviate the migratory pressure in the Canary Islands by sending flights to the Autonomous Communities, especially Andalusia, with dozens of immigrants", at the same time that they have warned that during the transfers the agents , being in such inferiority, they can run the risk of suffering any type of aggression, and they are exposed to a possible contagion by COVID19 because they do not know if the immigrants have complied with the mandatory quarantine measures or have undergone PCR tests.

Faced with this situation «the VOX Parliamentary Group in the Congress of Deputies understands that the situation must be addressed in the most appropriate way in order to guarantee the safety and health of the Spanish and of our State Security Forces and Bodies », Macarena Olona insisted.

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