Macarena Olona, ​​deputy for Granada and secretary general of the VOX Parliamentary Group, today denounced in Congress the Government's grievance towards Granada by keeping our entire province in phase 0 of the lack of confinement, when the South and Northeast zones should advance to the phase 1, as it has a lower number of coronavirus infections than in other territories, as is the case in the provinces of the Basque Country.

Macarena Olona, ​​as they have expressed in recent days the set of public offices of VOX in Granada, requests that the Ministry of Health apply a criterion of lack of confinement by health districts so that the municipalities of the South and Northeast of our province advance one step until phase 1 and restrictions are relaxed in areas such as the Costa Tropical, where sectors such as tourism and hospitality are going through critical moments.

From VOX Granada the Government has been urged to rectify to avoid the destruction of the economy and to advance in the progressive return to normality, taking the appropriate measures for the exceptional situation that we live in, since the work and effort of the Spanish It will depend on whether we can rise again from the hard blow of the coronavirus pandemic.

The mitigation process of the confinement by phases has occurred unevenly in different territories of our country: Thus, while in some places the administrative limit of the provincial delimitation was attended, in others it was attended to health districts, and in others to limits. county. The insecurity that the government causes among the population not only does not determine a clear criterion to apply but rather the opposite, it does so unequally and allows progress to be made to some territories, which have been hit harder than others, which have been continues to be completely confined, this results in citizens feeling unprotected and deceived, and they are relieved to see that those who comply with the confinement are ignored, and those who do not meet the same criteria but are partners of the Government of Spain, they are rewarded.

Illa's change of criteria to favor the PNV.

The deputy for Granada has denounced the change in the government's criteria regarding the holding of elections in full health alert due to the coronavirus: "Her change in criteria is due to political and not sanitary reasons", she pointed out to Salvador Illa during the control session to the Government this Wednesday, May 13.

After reviewing the dire consequences that the holding of municipal elections on France had on March 15, he has denounced that, again, the PNV has done what it knows best to do: "extort Spain," by requesting the Last May 6 and to the cry of "we are not brainless", the support of the Chamber to hold elections. "You will have to ask the relatives of Joaquín and Alberto, who are still buried in the Zaldibar landfill because the PNV refused to accept the help of the UME," he regretted.

"The PNV needs to hold elections in July because it is afraid of a tripartite between PSE, Bildu and Podemos", he has uncovered, to regret the "indignity, the obscenity" that up to 191 deputies of Congress have supported that the jeltzale agenda prevail over the Basques' health.

"You, Minister, on April 24 declared that you could not hold autonomous elections in the Basque Country as long as the pandemic was not controlled. his change of criteria responds to political reasons, not sanitary, as well as privileging territories such as Vizcaya to the detriment of Malaga or Granada with clear damage to our Tropical Coast ”.

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