Macarena Olona, ​​deputy for Granada and deputy spokesperson of the VOX Parliamentary Group, met today with representatives of the agricultural employers to hear the demands of our farmers and the proposals to alleviate the crisis in the countryside. The representatives of Asaja, COAG and UPA have exposed to the VOX Parliamentary Group in the Congress of Deputies the problems that the sector is going through and the possible solutions.

The obvious failure of the social-communist government to manage the unfair treatment that our farmers receive in the production chain and the rural world has favored this new explosion of national frustration. In VOX we are committed to the defense of our products and our producers.

VOX supports the main demands of the representatives of this group in the face of the globalist consensus that aims to dehumanize our economy, reduce us to simple numbers, promote a multicultural Europe that puts numerous impediments to national production and that, nevertheless, folds to the demands of other countries to which it does not control with this iron hand, VOX appears as the only alternative capable of building a Europe of ours, of the patriots.

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