Macarena Olona, ​​deputy for Granada and deputy spokesperson for the VOX Parliamentary Group in Congress, has condemned that the Government ignores year after year the items provided for in the General State Budget (PGE) for the study of railway reconnection of Guadix and Baza with Murcia , which shows the unjustified punishment to which the PSOE and Podemos are subjected to all the people of Granada.

The VOX deputy for Granada has presented a series of questions before the Table of the Congress of Deputies to denounce “a clear case of abandonment and neglect by the Administration, since since 1985 the railway traffic between Guadix-Baza- Almanzora-Lorca, isolating these regions to date and leaving them without a train connection ”.

“Associations in favor of the Guadix and Baza railway estimate the population loss at up to 25% since this railway section was eliminated. The decrease in inhabitants of both regions is evidence, without the Government lifting a finger to avoid the loss of population, employment and opportunities in these municipalities, due in part to the closure of this railway section ”, Macarena Olona has denounced.

In the ‘Annex of real investments and multi-year programming of the General State Budgets of 2018’, and also in the extension of these for 2019, a budget item is contemplated for its study, with a total cost of 600,000 euros. However, «to date, the execution of the same has not begun, so the reopening of the section has been paralyzed, not to mention that the provision of this item is insufficient, according to various railway defense associations that reflect the studies carried out by technicians from the University of Granada ”, explained the VOX deputy for Granada.

From VOX they denounce that the Government has eliminated an additional budget item in the General State Budgets for 2020, and insist on a real endowment of means to start up this railway connection again. "Our Parliamentary Group has presented a Non-Law Proposal in the Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda Commission to demand the execution of an urgent Informative Study that enables the reopening of this railway section", concluded Macarena Olona.

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