Madrid have finished unbeaten in 16 league games

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NEWS | 06/30/2020

It is the least scored team in the championship with 21 goals in the 32 days played.

Defensive solidity continues to be one of the keys to Real Madrid in the League. After leaving his goal to zero in three of the five games played since the championship resumed, the team has already accumulated 16 games without receiving goals, half of the 32 days played. He Madrid It is the one that has remained the most unbeaten times, followed by Atlético (14).

The team that runs Zidane has not fitted a single goal in the double confrontations of League against Barcelona and Atlético. And he has also done it against Osasuna, Leganés, Betis, Espanyol, Athletic, Valencia and Mallorca, at home; and against Seville, Éibar, Getafe, Valladolid and Espanyol, at home.

The least thrashed

Another fact that reflects the great defensive work of the Real Madrid is that it is the least scored of the League with 21 points. This figure is the second best in the history of the club at this point in the championship, second only to the 20 he had received in 1987/88 after 32 games.

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