Madrid signs its best defensive record at this point in the League

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NEWS | 02/02/2020

The whites have only conceded 13 goals in the 22 matches.

The triumph against Atlético de Madrid in the derby not only meant strengthening the leadership, but also left a new record for the Real Madrid. With thirteen so many embedded in the 22 days that have been disputed, those of Zidane they become the Madrid least thrashed in the history of the League at this point in the championship.

You have to look back over 30 years, in the 1987/88 season, to find the record that whites have just overcome. On that occasion the Madrid team conceded 14 goals in the twenty-two first games. Also in 1961/62 and 1964/65 this record was achieved. In those three seasons, the Real Madrid He ended up winning the League.

Zero goals

If there is something that stands out within the defensive strength that the template is showing, it is the number of times the team has left the goal to zero. He has remained unbeaten in 12 games in League and in 16 among all competitions. Statistics that have been key to following the streak of whites without knowing the defeat in the last 21 games.

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