Natalia Sánchez Romero, Executive Vice President / General Secretary of CEM, took part in the presentation; Reyes Gómez, Head of the Programs and Projects Department at the Andalusian Business Confederation (CEA), and Belén Jurado, Director of the ESESA Business School.

The good figures for the creation of companies in Malaga in recent years can not make us forget that during the past economic crisis there were many companies that disappeared in our territory, although we have now returned to pre-crisis figures.

From the above we can infer that there are many newly created companies in our territory, which also operate in very diverse sectors, and that they face great challenges every day to consolidate and survive.

These companies, many of them SMEs, and also a large number of recent self-employed people, need specific advice adapted to their needs. To contribute to its development and its permanence in the market, Mentoriza emerges.

The main objective of the program is to contribute to the promotion of the entrepreneurial culture and the development of startups throughout the Andalusian territory, specifically, to promote new business projects through the transfer of knowledge and professional experiences between mentors and mentors.

For it, It is aimed at startups and newly created companies that need advice in certain business plots, and that need, to overcome them, personalized support.

On the other hand, this program is also aimed at those entrepreneurs and managers who wish to share their professional management experience as mentors, people with extensive knowledge of certain sectors, who promote the development of business projects with high growth potential in its early stages of life, providing knowledge and added value.

Natalia Sánchez Romero, Executive Vice President / General Secretary of CEM, has highlighted the importance of this project to generate a professional network based on the will and mutual interest of mentors and mentees, which allows not only to create professional links, but to extend them. even in the long term. To date, the initiative has 40 mentors and 32 mentors in Malaga.

In the course of the act has also taken place the presentation "The spirit of initiative and the role of the mentor", by Antonio Guerrero, professional mentor and teacher of ESESA.

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