How did you get into the world of illustration / comic?

I have been drawing non-stop all my life, creating stories and reading manga with the dream of being able to devote myself to this.

I was lucky in addition to being able to study at ESDIP school, but it was not until last year that I began to really enter this world; first collaborating with illustrations and small comics in several fanzines and finally publishing my first work, MidoriBoshi.

Your first contact with Planeta Manga was …

It all started when I won the first prize in my school's comic contest, in which David (Hernando) turned out to be part of the jury and wanted to contact me.

It was then when talking about my project, he proposed to participate in the magazine, although in this case I wanted to do it with another story that would fit better with the format they proposed (since the other is 100% color). The truth is that it made me very excited!

How did the plot of MIDORIBOSHI come about?

The main plot had already been clear for some time; It is based on an experience of its own and was a story I planned to make in the future.

For several years I was dreaming of a girl that did not exist, and although it seems silly, it was something that had a lot of impact on me, especially when one night I dreamed that I had died and did not hear from her again. The latter is different in MidoriBoshi, since I preferred to give it another approach.

What do you do first: the creation of characters or the script? How is your usual work circuit?

It depends a little on the work! Sometimes I create the characters first and then the story, but in this case it was the other way around. First I wrote a small synopsis summarizing what I wanted to tell and then I began to design the characters and the environment that the world would have.

My favorite part was designing Maru, I am very happy with the result! Once the ok is given, I write in more detail the development next to the dialogues and start doing the storyboard, dedicating time to the composition of the pages (I really like experimenting with this).

Then I usually leave all the pages well sketched (or so I try …) with their corresponding size and then I go one by one, inking, putting blacks and plots, and finally, onomatopoeia and texts.

How do you rate the reception the magazine has had and what would you highlight about it?

I'm glad to see that people are supporting this project and that they bet more on the national comic. I think the magazine is giving new visibility to new authors (I include myself haha), in addition to having established authors and illustrators.

I also like the variety of stories that can be found, there is something for everyone! Even so, there are always things to improve, and I hope that little by little the work we do will begin to be better valued, since a comic has a lot of work behind it …

Your favorite Manga Planet series is …

I need to read a little more of each series to know which one I am staying with, but for now!Alter ego Y The History of Manga They are the ones that have hooked me the most!

What I do want to highlight are several short stories that I LOVED, like Withered Lionel, Uroboros, Mangaka, The Monster … They have a fantastic drawing and stories that have left me with a very good taste. I also really want to read Backhome and the new story of Marta Salmons!

Next projects.

Right now I would like to focus on my own project, which is Dreamy Boy. I will continue to make illustrations on my own and I also have some ideas for future comics that if they go ahead, I will be delighted. But hey, whatever comes up!

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Instagram: @akirapantsu

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