«There is no limitation to criticism. There is monitoring of networks, in order to check hate speech and disinformation campaigns«. That is the verbatim phrase of the Interior Minister, Grande Marlaska. Is it an attitude of a free nation? From VOX we consider that it is not. Is not acceptable. It is not worthy and should not be allowed. These practices may be normal in authoritarian countries, but not in Spain. We ask for an end to them immediately.

We also view with serious concern other unethical and rewarding practices, such as the creation of "fake" journalists such as Miguel Lacambra. Miguel created articles, supposedly based on serious and real studies where the data were given to say that 8-M had no impact on the coronavirus. The PSOE from their social networks gave credit to these reports and to this journalist, who was later discovered to be an invented character.

Lately we have all been able to see how the word "hoaxes" or "fact cheker" have started to be used regularly. But who verifies all this? In the social networks Facebook and Whatsapp, two of the applications most used by all Spaniards are using the companies Newtral and Maldita.es We cannot fail to remember that Newtral is the company of Ana Pastor, journalist for La Sexta. And that several times other journalists or verifiers have indicated hoaxes or lies on the part of these two companies.

To make matters worse, the government has just delivered 15 million euros a3media and Mediaset. And although their professionalism should make them neutral and impartial, from VOX we fear that they are grateful stomachs.

If 15 million were not enough, the Government prepares 100 million in advertising for the media. (If you want to know more click here)

All these movements worry us greatly. From VOX we want to report that this attempt to silence, manipulate, misrepresent and buy into public opinion highlights the authoritarian drift that this social communist government is taking.

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