Prado del Rey, November 28, 2020. VOX Prado del Rey has wanted to show its concern about the progress of the works of the town's food market that have already accumulated 16 months and are causing a lot of uncertainty among retailers who see less than a week before the start of the Christmas season campaign have no guarantees of their return to the venue.

"The Immaculate Bridge has always been the starting signal for Christmas shopping and there is little more than a week left and we still do not know if the market will be ready for its inauguration or we will have to keep waiting," lamented Manuel Rodríguez, VOX coordinator in the locality.

Rodríguez, who was recently visiting the current provisional market and held a meeting with the retailers, has asked the government team to speed up the opening of the municipal food market, since these delays are linked to the difficult situation created by the COVID pandemic -19 are sinking the economy of these small businesses.

In addition, the VOX coordinator in Prado del Rey has asked the government team to implement a plan to boost the market in which aid is contemplated for retailers who continue to stoically endure the provisional situation while the works of the place and an incentive plan so that the empty positions are filled by new businesses after the opening of the new enclosure.

Finally, Manuel Rodríguez wanted to ask the government team for responsibility for developing the municipal budget when it comes to managing the money of the pradenses and that they avoid investing in ideological propaganda more typical of left-wing parties than of the Popular Party.

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