Algeciras, August 12, 2020. Manuel Gavira has denounced that they continue to accumulate in the Port facilities of the Civil Guard and Customs Surveillance in Algeciras, where hundreds of boats seized in operations against drug trafficking that mostly wait their turn to be destroyed.

The VOX deputy, who has visited the improvised warehouse, has regretted that this problem has been pending solution since 2018, and does not understand how two years later, the Campo de Gibraltar lacks a judicial deposit in which to store them awaiting removal.

“From VOX we do not understand that since the San Roque depot, which provided service housing more than 3,500 vehicles and some 1,000 vessels, was closed, this problem has not been resolved despite the fact that the depot service has been put out to tender. Bidding errors, empty competitions, reveal a latent reality, the danger that not only our civil guards but the personnel who access the Port of Algeciras have to live with every day ”.

We cannot allow friction and misunderstandings between two State administrations (Junta de Andalucía and Administración Tributaria) to continue allowing a solution to this very serious problem not to be found, one more example that gives the reason to VOX about the inconveniences generated by the autonomic system.

Gavira has also warned about the critical situation that could arise in the event of a fire or explosion, as well as the serious environmental damage that an extreme situation could cause due to the poor organization of this service ”.

Finally, the VOX deputy has announced that he will bring this serious problem before the Parliament of Andalusia that affects not only the Security Forces stationed in the Campo de Gibraltar, or the people who access the Port of Algeciras but also an entire region.

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