Seville, August 24, 2020.- Manuel Gavira, President of the study commission for the economic and social recovery of Andalusia, has appeared at a press conference to present the opinion presented this Monday, August 24 in the registry of the Parliament of Andalusia.

The VOX deputy for Cádiz explained that the amendment phase is now open by the different groups until Friday at 2:00 p.m. Likewise, it has been “confident” that the different parliamentary groups do their job and modify what they consider pertinent in the opinion.

In his speech, the parliamentarian Gavira stressed that the "opinion is carried out in a depoliticized manner." “Although I am a VOX deputy in Andalusia, andhe opinion is an opinion made by Andalusian society. There are more than 500 proposals that have been made in record time”.

“It has only one objective: which is that Andalusian civil society makes proposals to the Parliament of Andalusia so that in this way the Government of Andalusia can receive and carry them out. The objective is to respond to the problems that the pandemic has generated in Andalusia ”, stressed Manuel Gavira.

The president of the commission wanted to make the Andalusians see that “Andalusia is not part of this crisis under the same conditions as the rest of the autonomous communities. Part of a disadvantageous situation ”.

This disadvantage occurs mainly at the health, educational and labor levels and also due to the high level of corruption that Andalusia has suffered.

“At the health level, Andalusia has not dedicated enough resources. The toilets in Andalusia have not been and are not the best treated in our country. The same is true in education. The Andalusian educational system has not been characterized by excellence ", stated Gavira, who added that" unemployment is the scourge of Andalusia ".

Regarding the corruption that Andalusia has suffered, the VOX parliamentarian recalled that this "has not affected the lowest layers of the administration, but the highest". "Politicians must give an image of responsibility to attract investors."

Manuel Gavira has blamed PSOE and Adelante Andalucía for their policies that have had such dire consequences for Andalusia: “They are policies that the PSOE has been exercising for all these years, since we have the autonomous state. Some years accompanied by the communists ”.

"With their absence in the commission they have lost the opportunity to try to change a little with some measures what the consequences of their policies have been in recent years. The policies of socialists and communists have led us to be the last in the indicators that I have said before. They have missed an opportunity to collaborate in what is recovery”, He insisted. “Perhaps they think that it is those policies, the ones that have condemned us in those aspects that I have said before, which should continue to be carried out in Andalusia. If they had had the political will to try to repair what has happened in Andalusia during these years, they would have participated in the commission.”Gavira continued.

Finally, the VOX deputy for Cádiz has acknowledged that he hopes that Andalusian citizens “feel proud of the political representatives who have participated in the commission and in the sub-commission”, recalling that “the objective is none other than Andalusia to leave in a agile of this crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic ».

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