Arcos de la Frontera, December 16, 2020. – The coordinator of VOX Arcos has regretted the long waits that an entrepreneur has to endure to access a position in the city's food markets.

Collantes, who has recently been visiting the Plaza de Abastos del Camino de las Nieves, has been able to see first-hand the discontent of retailers due to the slowness of the municipal team in allocating empty positions and has regretted that, in the face of the real problems of the Arcenses, Gambín and his team are neither there nor are they expected.

In addition, the VOX coordinator in Arcos has demanded urgent solutions to provide a parking bag near the market, since many neighbors do not come to make their purchases due to the lack of parking.

Finally, Collantes has invited the government team to be employed in the search for solutions to this problem that is seriously affecting the sales of the retailers located in the supply plaza of the Camino de las Nieves.

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