Arcos de la Frontera, November 28, 2020. Maravillas Collantes wanted to show its outrage at the statements of Isidoro Gambín that collects the news website of the municipal portal on the concentration that the hospitality and commerce sector of Arcos has called for next Tuesday, December 1.

"In these difficult times in which we are seeing how long-time businesses and hospitality establishments are closing their doors in our town, we see how this government team is unable to cut ideological spending to reinvest these items in promoting the fabric productive of the city ”, has lamented Maravillas Collantes who through his social networks has announced that he will accompany the businessmen of the town in the concentration called for next Tuesday.

On the other hand, Collantes reminded Gambín that It is the legal obligation of the municipality to pay the invoices to suppliers within a period not exceeding 30 days, so if you are speeding up these actions, it is a sign that the council was not complying with the Law 9/2017 on Public Sector Contracts which establishes that the Administration has a term to pay of 30 calendar days once the supply received or the work certifications has been approved and that in no case, taking into account these procedures, the term may exceed 60 days.

The VOX coordinator has regretted that the government team is limited to giving alms to those who have raised the town with their efforts, and calls for an urgent turnaround in municipal management given the situation that the city is going through.

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