Marcelo, Benzema and Modric, among the 10 foreigners with more matches at Real Madrid

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NEWS | 06/01/2019

The Brazilian is second, the third forward and the current ninth Golden Ball.

Marcelo, Benzema and Modric have increased their historical numbers this season Real Madrid. The three are part of the list of 10 foreign players with more matches that commands Roberto Carlos. After this legend is found Marcelo, which in 2018/19 has completed its 13th season as a Madridista, a record in the history of the club's outsiders. In addition, it has a spectacular list of 20 titles.

Benzema occupies the third position of this classification after a great course in which he has added 53 meetings and 30 targets. In the scoring section is the sixth in club history (222 goals), and the fourth counting only foreigners. They only surpass him Cristiano Ronaldo (451), Di Stéfano (308) and Puskas (242).

By last, Modric overcame the barrier of 300 games (303), something that only eight non-Spanish Real Madrid players had achieved: Roberto Carlos (527), Marcelo (486), Benzema (465), Cristiano Ronaldo (438), Di Stéfano (396), Santamaría (337), Pepe (334) and Stielike (308). The top 10 is completed by Hugo Sánchez (282). Modric also made history in December by becoming the tenth Golden Ball who plays in the Real Madrid.

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