Marcelo: "We are working hard to get it right"

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NEWS | 07/14/2019 | Javier García (Montreal)

"The objective is to win everything, we face this season with great enthusiasm," said the Brazilian on Realmadrid TV.

Marcel begins its 14th season in the Real Madrid. The second captain, with 486 games and 20 titles in white, looks forward to the first days of preseason in Montreal. This is explained in Realmadrid TV: "I always say that I am fulfilling a dream to be in the best club in the world. It's my fourteenth season and I have the same enthusiasm as when I arrived. That never changes. "

"The balance of these first days is good. They are hard training, as in all preseason. Our goal is to work and give our best here to be able to fight for everything. If we are physically well that will help us a lot throughout the season. "

Challenges this season

"We face it with great enthusiasm to win everything. We are eager to train hard to continue well throughout the season. We are crushing in the preseason to give joy to the fans. The goal is to win everything, we know that the season has not started yet, but we are working hard to get it right ".

Advice to new

"I always try to help everyone out of the field. It is the most important thing so that later they are well inside of him. As you ask me, I'm here to help. Not only me, but Sergio, Karim, Raphä, Nacho … We have been here for many years and we are here to help young people because they are the future of Madrid ".

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