The Acting Minister of Defense has signed a collaboration protocol with the president of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP) and Mayor of Vigo, Abel Caballero, to promote the incorporation of Armed Forces personnel into the labor market.

The Acting Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, has inaugurated the First Conference on Military Teaching and Guidance, at the General Headquarters of the Air Force. The event, organized by the General Directorate of Military Recruitment and Teaching under the slogan 'More than what you believe', aims to disseminate among the professionals linked to the world of education the most relevant aspects of military education.

Margarita Robles has indicated in her opening speech that "we want prepared and leading Armed Forces, which are a point of reference in Europe and in the world, and because one of our priorities is the men and women of the Armed Forces. , we want to give them the best in training ". "It is not a matter of quantity, but quality, for example, the Armed Forces are training people in a field as demanding as cybersecurity, we want to attract young people, because although the Armed Forces are synonymous with Constitutional values ​​are also R + D + I, science, technology and jobs, "he remarked to journalists.

The Minister of Defense has highlighted the importance of these days, which shows that "we worry and we will continue to worry about the men and women who have served our country and who want to continue their lives outside the Armed Forces." "We want to help and support them," he said.

The sessions will consist of four panels / presentations in which professionals and groups related to teaching and professional guidance will be represented. Directed to professors and university students, of Vocational Training or to professionals of the Ministry of Education, they will show the integration and extension of military education to the educational system in general and the diversity of specialties on which it is imparted.

"We want to make known to Spanish society the potential of military education in Spain", underlined the general director of Recruitment and Military Education, María Amparo Valcarce.

In this sense, the head of Defense has highlighted that these conferences "are the enhancement of 45 educational centers linked to the Ministry of Defense, representing 2,500 civilian and military professors and more than 10,000 students."

In parallel to the lectures, you can visit a sample of the military teaching centers, an exhibition of material used in teaching and several information pavilions.

In the act of inauguration have also been present the undersecretary of Defense, Alejo de la Torre; the president of the Conference of University Rectors, José Carlos Gómez; and the Chief of the General Staff of the Air Force, General Javier Salto; among other civil and military authorities.

Agreement with the town councils

Before opening the conference, the minister has signed a protocol of collaboration with the president of the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces (FEMP) and Mayor of Vigo, Abel Caballero, to promote the incorporation of Armed Forces personnel into the labor market.

The FEMP is committed to assessing the time of service provided as a professional military officer in the calls for access to the positions of official and labor personnel of the Local Corporations.

In addition, it will facilitate the access of personnel who have left the Armed Forces to local police forces and bodies, by reserving places for military troop and sailors who can prove more than five years of service.

For its part, Defense is committed to promoting the specific training of its staff to facilitate access to these positions of the Local Administration and to disseminate the public employment offer of the municipalities of the FEMP through their internal means of information.

With this agreement, according to Caballero, a further step is taken towards the coordination and cooperation of the State Security Forces and Forces with the set of services of the Public Administrations, including the local area, which is an advance towards "the cities of the three S: sustainable, healthy and safe ", what the president of the FEMP has summarized as" different ways of understanding our coexistence in moments like the current ones ".

In this regard, he stressed that "from the local police every time we have to do more against new threats", which makes it especially relevant to have the training and experience of the troops of the Armed Forces who move to this activity.

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