The acting Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, has met with those responsible for the different areas of the National Intelligence Center (CNI), headed by Paz Esteban, the interim director of the same. In this work meeting, the institutional presentation of Esteban has been made, as the new director, and the most imminent challenges faced by this institution have been addressed and analyzed.

Robles said that this meeting "falls within normality" and its purpose was to emphasize that "we are still working and that there is no interim situation."

"The guard is not lowered at any time, the CNI can not afford to be working on an interim basis" the minister said, to insist that "we can not speak of a new stage, if not of continuity in the application of the Directive." of Security approved by the Government, all personnel continue to work on the priorities that the Government has given them and on the National Intelligence Strategy. "

"That the Government is in office does not affect the functions of an institution such as the CNI," said Robles.

The minister has announced that with the new director she has addressed a series of issues that the Security Directive indicates as priorities and that, therefore, the CNI continues to work. "We are aware that there are many modern and new threats in the world, in addition to the traditional threats," he underlined.

He also pointed out that "the CNI is a point of reference both in Europe and in the rest of the world" and that "as an intelligence center of the 21st century, it wants to deepen the threats of this century".

Similarly, Margarita Robles has highlighted the work of more than 3,000 men and women who work "on issues of great importance and for the security of Spain and the world." And he has reiterated that "work will continue to be done so that everyone feels that there is a very serious, rigorous, quiet work of a CNI that is increasingly active, prepared and very aware of the threats that exist".

The new director of the CNI, Paz Esteban, told reporters that taking office "has been an honor, but, above all, it is a commitment and a responsibility for this Center to continue operating normally and be up to the task that our authorities and our citizens expect from us. "

"Our citizens can rest assured and can trust that our intelligence services will continue to maintain their work and effort to ensure their wellbeing, which is the goal that ultimately guides us," he stressed.

Guarantee the security

According to Law 11/2002, the general mission assigned to the CNI is to provide the President of the Government and the Government of the Nation with the information, analysis, studies or proposals that allow preventing and avoiding any danger, threat or aggression against the independence or territorial integrity of Spain, the national interests and the stability of the rule of law and its institutions.

The visit of the minister has coincided with the decision adopted last Friday by which the National Intelligence Center (CNI) happens to be directed by Paz Esteban.

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