The Acting Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, has presided today in Madrid, at the Central Defense Academy, the ceremony of delivery of Royal Dispatches to the new officers and non-commissioned officers of the Common Defense Corps.

Upon his arrival at the parade ground, Deputy Defense Secretary Alejo de la Torre has received the acting Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles. After receiving the honors of ordinance, Margarita Robles has reviewed the Battalion of Students and has delivered the office to the numbers one of the different common bodies of the Defense.

Subsequently, students who have completed their studies at the Academy have received their offices as lieutenant and sergeant.

On this occasion, he has graduated a promotion composed of 11 intervening lieutenants; 10 legal lieutenants; 66 health deputies (including doctors with degrees, pharmacists, dentists, psychologists, nurses and veterinarians); 19 medical lieutenants without qualifications and 1 lieutenant and 29 musicians sergeants.

In total, 136 students have graduated in this academic year, of which 49 are women and 87 men.

The director of the Academy, Brigadier General of the Military Corps of Intervention Juan Rodríguez Collado, has taught the last lesson of the academic year.

Next, two students have carried a laurel wreath that they have deposited next to the monument of the parade ground, in the Act of Homage to those who gave their lives for Spain.

Immediately after, the Alumni Battalion has played the anthem of the Central Defense Academy.

The delivery of offices has ended with the parade of the Alumni Battalion and with the act of breaking ranks of the new officers and noncommissioned officers of the Common Corps.

Before the end of the break ranks, Margarita Robles wanted to congratulate the families of the new officers and NCOs, since they are part of the success of this day in which they finish a stage, but they initiate another one of great triumphs, of great successes, that It will be good for them, for their families, for the Armed Forces and for Spain.

The head of the Department has been accompanied by the Secretary of State for Defense, Ángel Olivares, by the Undersecretary of Defense Alejo de la Torre de la Calle, and by the Chief of Staff of the Army, Army General Francisco Javier Varela Salas , by the Chief of Staff of the Navy, Admiral General Teodoro López Calderón and by the Chief of Air Staff, General of Air Javier Salto Martínez-Avial.

Central Academy of Defense

The Central Defense Academy was created in 2014 to integrate the different military teaching centers and teach the training of the Common Corps of the Armed Forces.

Currently, the Academy is composed of the Military School of Legal Studies (EMEJ), the Military School of Intervention (EMI), Military School of Health (EMISAN), Military School of Military Music (EMUM), Military School of Languages ​​( EMID), Military School of Education Sciences (EMCE), and the University Center of Defense (CUD).

The center has a team of 179 people to cover the training needs: 129 military and 50 civilians.

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