Margarita Robles thanks the UME for its work in Operation ´Balmis´

Upon arrival and after being received by Lieutenant General Luis Manuel Martínez, the Minister attended a Situation Point in the Historical Room of the General Headquarters, where the details of the actions carried out by the UME up to moment, as well as the current deployment of the different units throughout the national territory and possible future actions.

They then went to the Joint Operations Center (JOC), where the minister participated in a videoconference with all the heads of the UME units involved in the fight against COVID-19.

Margarita Robles wanted to "congratulate and thank the work, as always, of all the Armed Forces". He has also insisted that "they are setting the bar very high" and that "there is no locality, community or person who does not speak of the Armed Forces and very particularly of the Military Emergency Unit."

The Minister of Defense has been accompanied by the Chief of Defense Staff, General of the Air Miguel Ángel Villaroya.

Military emergency unit

Since the start of Operation ´Balmis´, the Military Emergency Unit has carried out nearly 6,300 activities related to COVID-19.
To undertake these missions, the UME deploys about 1,150 soldiers daily from all its units (Madrid, Seville, Canary Islands, Valencia, Zaragoza and León), in order to cover the largest number of populations in the national territory.

The common tasks assigned to all UME units in this operation have been the tasks of reconnaissance and disinfection in nursing homes and in places of special interest such as airports, train and metro stations, police stations, courts, control centers, correctional facilities, bus shelters, playgrounds, etc.

To these initial missions, others have been added such as, for example, the transfer of patients affected by coronavirus between different hospital centers, support in the assembly of shelters for the homeless and field hospitals, including those located in IFEMA (Madrid ) and at the Fira de Barcelona, ​​as well as logistics transport and disinfection training for civil and military entities.

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