José Vicente Marí Boso interviene en el Senado

The GPP Budget spokesperson affirms that "the mess they have set up is such that no one knows, not even yourselves, what to support"

The budget spokesman for the Popular Group and senator for the Balearic Islands, José Vicente Marí Bosó, has demanded that the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, explain how he can request support for the Budgets “if not even the Government clarifies with the budgets that wants".

"You spend the day demanding support, but the mess you have set up is such that nobody knows, not even yourselves, what to support," Marí Bosó has reproached Minister Montero, during the debate of an interpellation of the GPP in the control session to the Government, held this afternoon in the Senate, regarding the budget execution and the processing of the PGE for 2021.

The Budget spokesperson has assured that “Spaniards deserve a Budget for the year 2021 and a government worthy of the name. A government with clear ideas, before this misgovernment; a government that before prescribing co-governance to others knows how to co-govern itself ”.

According to Marí, in Spain “there is no government, there is a desire and I cannot, there is a crowd in the Council of Ministers, there are so many heads and so many hats, that it is thus impossible to undertake the reforms and policies that the Spanish need. And while the Council of Ministers is a gibberish, the economic forecasts of our country, offered by all national and international organizations, get worse every day and more and more people are left behind ”, he added.


In this sense, the PP spokesman has stressed that, as the weeks go by and in the face of Sánchez's "inaction", the economic forecasts "worsen and the recovery is moving further and further away. "We are not getting out of the crisis, we are sinking more", as happened between 2008 and 2011 with Zapatero.

"You are applying the same wrong recipes that aggravated the crisis of 2008, sending 3 million Spaniards to the queues of unemployment between 2007 and 2011," he told Minister Montero. "They return to the same, to cuts in public salaries, pension freezes, tax increases, cuts in dependence, in investment, in hospital and non-hospital pharmaceutical spending and cuts in bonuses for hiring."


On the other hand, Marí has ​​denounced the differences of opinion between the members of the Executive: “While the Minister of Labor says 'that it is against extending the working life beyond the legal maximum of the retirement age', Mr. Escrivá, also a minister, although he seems more like a data commentator, is in favor of "encouraging the prolongation of working life beyond the legal maximum of the retirement age".

Furthermore, he recalled the contradictions between Calviño and Calvo, because while the former defends the salary freeze for civil servants and pensions, Calvo says that "that is not on the table"; or between Iglesias and Calvo, as the former calls for the repeal of the labor reform and the 1st vice president thinks it is counterproductive.

For this reason, the popular senator has asked himself "what should we join?" and he has demanded that the PSOE senators assume some of the proposals that Pablo Casado has made to activate Spain.

Marí has ​​affirmed that "what happens here is that there is a lack of Government and if there is a lack of Government, there is a lack of budgets" and has reproached Montero for taking more than 2 years "being unable to do what constitutes the main task of his department, which is to approve some General State Budgets ”, because those approved by the Popular Party in 2018 are still in force.

"Unity," he pointed out, "is not vassalage, nor is it the shield to demand the majority that is lacking, nor the lure with which to corner those who are scorned. Unity requires honesty, it does not admit deception, or lies like that of President Sánchez in this Chamber, saying that the Budgets are a necessary condition to access the rescue programs of the EU. Unity, gentlemen of the Government, is not required or imposed, it is built ”, he stressed.

Finally, José Vicente Marí has ​​asserted that "at this point there should be some PGE, but the balance so far of Mrs. Montero does not allow us to be optimistic at all" and has concluded by demanding explanations about the budgetary forecasts and the processing commitments of the General State Budgets for 2021.

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