María Gámez announces that the celebration of the central acts of the Patron Saint of the Civil Guard will be in Córdoba

This morning the Director General of the Civil Guard has held a meeting with the mayor of the city, José María Bellido; the president of the Deputation, Antonio Ruiz; the sub-delegate of the Government, Rafaela Valenzuela; the delegate of the Government of the Andalusian Government, Antonio Repullo; the rector of the University of Córdoba, José Carlos Gómez; to start preparing the activities

An agreement has also been signed between the Provincial Government and the Civil Guard for the arrangement of facilities of the Corps

María Gámez has held a meeting at the Comandancia, has visited the Compañía de Montilla and has met with the Fundación EMET Arcoiris in La Muela

The general director of the Civil Guard, María Gámez, announced this morning that Córdoba is the city chosen this year to celebrate the central acts of the Patron Saint of the Body, the Virgen del Pilar.
The announcement took place after holding a first preparatory meeting at the Government Subdelegation between María Gámez and other officers of the Civil Guard with the Cordovan authorities.
The General Director has been "delighted" to bring this festivity of fellowship to Córdoba, "a city full of history that has shown the values ​​of coexistence throughout the centuries." María Gámez has thanked the good harmony that she has found in the Cordoba authorities, as well as the interest and facilities that the Mayor is putting; And he trusts that it will be "a great week" in which the Civil Guard will thank the people of Cordoba for all the love received in recent months. María Gámez has remarked that it will also be an emotional memory for the fallen comrades, who will be especially honored during those days, including the 9 who have died due to covid-19.
The celebration of the Patron Saint of the Civil Guard is scheduled to begin on September 28 with the traditional raising of the flag and will last for a week in which there will be different activities for all ages and audiences that will allow, above all, "get closer this Institution to society and, at the same time, show our gratitude to the people of Cordoba, "explained the Director General. Among the activities that have been designed are school workshops, an exhibition, concerts and a stage of the Mozarabic Way in the province, to culminate on October 4 with the central act that will consist of a Military Parade and parade of units of the Body. All events scheduled for that week will meet the required health requirements due to coronavirus.
Last year, coinciding with the 175th anniversary of the Civil Guard, the celebration of the Patron Saint of the Corps took place in Huesca. The last time it was held in Andalusia was in 2015, in Malaga.

Agreement with the Provincial Deputation

On the other hand, the director general of the Civil Guard has also signed an agreement with the president of the Córdoba Provincial Council, by which this body will allocate 80,000 euros to the arrangement of six barracks in the province: those of Montoro, Pozoblanco, Iznájar, Fuente de Tójar, Hinojosa del Duque and Rute.
In the morning, the director general met with the Civil Guard officers at the Córdoba Command. There, he became interested in the health of the civil guards who overcame the coronavirus during the state of alarm, and he had an encounter with some of them who were hospitalized and with whom María Gámez was in contact during those hard times.
Already in the afternoon, María Gámez has taken advantage of her visit to Córdoba to learn first-hand how one of the most diligent companies in the province works, that of Montilla. There he met with his managers and visited the facilities of the barracks in this town.

Visit Fundación EMET Arcoiris

To conclude the intense working day in Córdoba, María Gámez has also met with the Fundación EMET Arcoiris, dedicated to supporting and accompanying women victims of trafficking and their sons and daughters, where she has been able to learn about the “Ödos” project, a center comprehensive care for mothers and pregnant women arriving on the Andalusian coast. The Civil Guard has offered this Foundation its support, since “one of our great concerns is precisely the attention to the most vulnerable groups to which EMET Arcoiris is dedicated; and nothing would give us greater satisfaction than being able to collaborate with them ”, as the Director General has pointed out.

The Civil Guard in Córdoba

The security of a total of 74 Cordovan municipalities depends on the Civil Guard, which represents 87% of the provincial territory. For this mission, the Corps has 46 ordinary positions, 5 main positions and 6 companies. Within this structure, the Civil Guard has specialists in citizen security, traffic, judicial police, SEPRONA, intervention of weapons and explosives or cynological service, among others. To prevent robberies in the field, it also has five ROCA teams.
During the state of alarm, the Civil Guard deployed more than 16,000 security devices in Córdoba and carried out more than 600 deliveries of medical and educational material throughout the province and almost 1,400 meetings and interviews in health centers and the elderly. In addition, they carried out 4,000 actions in the field of gender violence.
The crime figure in the Cordovan demarcation has maintained a clearly downward trend since 2008, and specifically in 2019 the lowest figure in the entire historical series was produced. In addition, so far in 2020 it has dropped 2% more.


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