María Gámez: "The presence of the Civil Guard unites and structures the State, and the infrastructures are essential for the effectiveness of this deployment"

The General Director has presented the project to start the construction of the new Civil Guard barracks in Mieres (Asturias)

María Gámez has also held a working meeting with those responsible for the Civil Guard in Asturias

Likewise, he has held a meeting with the President of the Principality of Asturias, Adrián Barbón, and with the Government Delegate in Asturias, Delia Losa

The General Director of the Civil Guard has traveled to the town of Mieres (Asturias), where she presented the project to start the works of the new Corps barracks in the town. He began his words by remembering the civil guard Ángel Antonio who died when he was run over at a checkpoint a few days ago near this town.

Regarding the new Mieres barracks, María Gámez stressed that “we are aware that providing the Corps with infrastructures adapted to its needs is vital to guarantee a quality service because we do not forget that the presence of the Civil Guard unites and supports the State and the infrastructures are a fundamental element for the effectiveness of this deployment ”.

“This project, the General Director continued, will contribute directly to the great contribution that the Civil Guard makes in the mining basin of southern Asturias. In short, it results in a higher quality public service; there is an effect on the economic development of the area and there is a direct impact on the quality of life of the citizens ”.

The Director-General explained that work is beginning on a much-needed new barracks in Mieres, which in a first phase has an investment of 3.5 million euros paid by the Ministry of the Interior through GIESE. Official dependencies and 10 houses will be built. The duration of the work is expected to be about 18 months.

Meeting in the Asturias Area

María Gámez has held a working meeting with those responsible for the Corps Zone in Asturias, the Heads of the two Commanderies and representatives of all scales.

The Commands of the Civil Guard have explained to the Director General the tasks they carry out in the Area, how the current situation is, as well as the prospects and future plans.

The General Director congratulated the Civil Guards of Asturias for their involvement during the pandemic, especially with regard to ensuring compliance with mobility measures, but above all, for the help they have provided to citizens: food deliveries, school supplies, health supplies, help to the elderly living in isolated areas, visits to medical centers, nursing homes, etc. He has also chatted with the civil guards who were hospitalized for Covid-19, with whom he was in telephone contact during his illness, to check how they are doing.

During the visit, the General Director also held a meeting with the President of the Principality of Asturias Adrián Barbón and with the Government Delegate, Delia Losa, in which they addressed matters related to the work of the Civil Guard in the community, especially, of what is being carried out related to the measures taken in relation to the pandemic.

Plaque Tribute to the Civil Guard Ángel Antonio Ambrosio

During this visit, the Director General presented her colleagues from the USECIC of Oviedo with a Plaque Tribute to the Ángel Antonio Ambrosio Civil Guard.

Likewise, María Gámez has presented several decorations of the Civil Guard Order of Merit that were awarded to the members of the Central Mining Rescue Brigade who actively collaborated in the rescue of little Julen in Malaga.

The Civil Guard in Asturias

The Civil Guard in the Asturias Area is structured in the Oviedo Command and the Gijón Command.

The Civil Guard in the Asturias Area is responsible for the public safety of 70 municipalities, which comprises 88.26% of the total area of ​​this Community. To carry out this task, it has almost 2,000 members of which 7.14% are women.

The Asturias Area, together with the Oviedo and Gijón Commanderies, has the specialties of Weapons Intervention, Traffic, Information, Air Unit, Cynological Service, Geas, Judicial Police, Greim, Fiscal Service, Seprona, Maritime Service, Roca Equipment and Citizen security.

During the past year, the commission of 7141 criminal offenses, crimes, has been known, which represents a decrease of 0.76%, from the same period of the previous year. The crimes of robbery with force in establishments and homes have decreased by 20% and robberies in agricultural and livestock operations by 16%.

Company of Mieres

The Mieres Company has a Judicial Police, Weapons Intervention, Greim, Traffic Detachment, Seprona and Mieres, Ujo-Turón, Moreda, Cabaña Quinta and Pola de Lena posts. For this, it has a staff of about 140 troops.

For more information, you can contact the Press Office of the Civil Guard on the telephone number 915 146 010.


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