María Gámez: "We need security at the service of freedom and this constitutes the heart of human security"

The General Director of the Civil Guard has closed the I Official University Master's Degree on "Senior Management in International Security"

This official university postgraduate course, which has been attended by about 40 executives from the civil and military world and from public and corporate security, has developed different aspects, which at a strategic and operational level can be useful tools for managers and security professionals in the context of international security

The General Director of the Civil Guard, María Gámez has closed this morning the I Official University Master's Degree organized by the CUGC (University Center of the Civil Guard) "Senior Management in International Security".

Along with María Gámez were the Rector Magnífico of the Carlos III University of Madrid, Juan Romo; the Lieutenant General Deputy Director of Operations, Pablo Salas, and the Lieutenant General Chief of Personnel Command, Francisco Díaz Alcantud, among other authorities.

With her words, the General Director wanted to thank professors, experts and speakers from the Civil Guard, from the Carlos III University of Madrid and from various fields of national and international security for their work during the development of this master's degree and will congratulate the students for their hard work and effort.

He wanted to emphasize with his words that "in today's world, and in all areas, public security can no longer be understood outside the framework of global security, and that for this reason, the Civil Guard plays a fundamental role and works actively to continue to build a concept of human security, doing so with the objective of responding both to traditional threats, such as organized crime, terrorism, traditional criminality or threats to national security, as well as to changing and cross-cutting phenomena, among them, those related to climate change, to new forms of hatred and domination, or to digitization ”.

María Gámez has indicated that the aspiration of the Corps is to be able to respond to the different forms of crime with efficiency, closeness and with well-being in mind, with a model that tends to be increasingly preventive. "We need security at the service of freedom and this constitutes the heart of human security," he added.

The Director General has delivered the In Memorian Diploma of this master's degree to the widow of Lieutenant Colonel Jesús Gayoso, a student of the course, who recently died, who has highlighted that he was an excellent person and an excellent civil guard. A man loved and respected by the whole world, a born leader and always a source of pride for this great Institution.

The Civil Guard as a security benchmark

Due to its history and diversity of missions, the Civil Guard constitutes a benchmark for other security forces and bodies, especially in the Spanish-American area, and other countries in order to comprehensively face serious risks and threats related to security.

This University Master's degree has been divided according to a study plan with blended and practical subjects, structured in four areas and a final project, with the contents of:

  • Strategic analysis of international security.
  • The main security threats and challenges from a global perspective.
  • Public and private security in the international context.
  • Academic and practical research.

In this I Master's degree, about 40 student members of the executive level of security forces and bodies and professionals of public security from Latin America, Europe, and the Maghreb have been trained, as well as executive-level commands from the Civil Guard and professionals from other groups related to security (Judges, prosecutors, military, diplomats, private security managers, etc.).

For more information, you can contact the Office of Institutional and Social Relations of the Civil Guard at 91.514.6010.


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