María Gámez "you are training to be the leaders of the Corps and that requires an extra responsibility and commitment, especially in the current circumstances"

The General Director has visited the University Center of the Civil Guard, attached to the Carlos III University, and in which undergraduate and postgraduate training is given

288 Undergraduate and 338 Postgraduate students will be trained during the 2020-2021 academic year

The general director of the Civil Guard, María Gámez, visited the facilities of the Corps University Center located in Aranjuez this morning. During this academic year, 288 Undergraduate and 338 Postgraduate students will be trained at this University center.

This University Center of the Civil Guard, attached to the Carlos III University, was created to comply with the legal mandate established in the Law of the military career, with which it is intended to give a quality leap in the training of future officers of the Body. The integration of military and university education thus constitutes a plus added to the training that has been given up to now at the Officers Academy.

In the Center, not only teachings related to obtaining a university degree are taught, but a new space is opened to postgraduate education and research for the development of the police function, which is an important element for the improvement of the services rendered by the Corps. In addition to officer training, courses are also held for NCOs, corporals and civil guards.

Due to the health crisis motivated by COVID-19 and according to the Plan of action of planned scenarios, this academic year 2020-2021, has started with a system of partial presence to 50% of the students, so that periods are integrated of face-to-face training at the University center with distance learning periods (online).

During her visit to the Center, María Gámez connected by video conference with third-year students for access to the officer scale, who began the course in a blended way and told them that she is convinced that despite the different circumstances that The pandemic marks us, study with the same passion and enthusiasm as you would if you were in person all the time. "I wish you to do it with performance, knowing that you are going to be the leaders, the commanders of the Civil Guard and that requires a bonus of responsibility both in your learning process and in the actual exercise when you join the different units", María Gámez has told them.

In addition, the Director General added that this stage in which they are learning and training has to be at all times being aware that we are here to serve the citizen, to guarantee security and protection in today's world with a crime that crosses borders and with challenges such as immigration that cannot be tackled on an individual level.

He has also congratulated both the educational community for having been able to face in such a short time the new situation derived from the pandemic and its digital transformation with speed and quality and the students for having adapted with agility and commitment. "We have some students with the highest university entrance grades, which is also a challenge for us, to give them the best training and for them we have a luxury of teaching staff."

Finally, María Gámez has urged that as future leaders of the Civil Guard “take advantage of this time to train not only academically but also in the values ​​of the Civil Guard that are fundamental, they are what represent us and sustain us; and to a large extent they are what make this Body unique and so loved by society ”.

Among the university degrees that are taught are:

  • Official University Degree in Safety Engineering, implemented in 2010 for direct access Civil Guard officers without a university degree, with a duration of 4 academic years (2 years at the Zaragoza Defense University Center and 2 years at the CUGC in Aranjuez).
  • Official University Degree in Public Security Management, implemented in 2017 for officers of the Civil Guard for internal promotion. They obtain a recognition of 2 years for previous studies and professional experience and attend 2 years in person.
  • Official University Master's Degree in Operational Security Management, aimed at Civil Guard officers who have completed the Bachelor's Degree in Security Engineering and scholarship officers from Latin America and the Maghreb. It was implemented in 2014 with faculty from the Academy of Officers and the University.
  • Official University Master's Degree in Road Safety and Traffic for officers of the Traffic Group who are taking or have taken the Traffic Unit Management Course. It was implemented in 2018 at the proposal of the Traffic Association and is developed with faculty from the Traffic School and the University.
  • Official Master's Degree in Senior Management in International Security. National and foreign security professionals and members of security can take it.
  • University Expert Course in Road Sinestros Reconstruction, was implemented in 2017 for 50 non-commissioned officers, corporals and civil guards of the Traffic Group with the participation of teachers from the Traffic School and the University, in order to improve their technical scientific training and reinforce their academic training in expert reports presented in court.
  • University Expert Course in Cybercrime, established in 2018 at the request of the Judicial Police Headquarters for 50 non-commissioned officers, corporals and guards of the Judicial Police and police officers from other countries, with expert faculty from the Civil Guard and the University in order to improve the technical scientific training of personnel of units such as the UCO and Edites (technological investigation teams) in criminal investigation; of the Technical Unit of the Judicial Police in criminal intelligence and of the Criminalistics Service in forensic engineering, and endorse their academic training in expert reports presented in court. It is precisely in this area of ​​forensic sciences that a virtual reality project is being developed that will put the Civil Guard at the world forefront in this field.

For more information, you can contact the Press Office of the Civil Guard, on the phone number 915 146 010.


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