La diputada Mª Jesús Moro Almaraz

• The spokesperson for the Universities of the Popular Group affirms that Castells “has not lived up to the Spanish university students; Presence and involvement were needed, not unexplained absences ”.

• “He returns today with a new make-up in the media to his mismanagement. With promises about changes in scholarships with wrong criteria; that they do not take into account the needs of the COVID crisis; without realistic budgets and with a Royal Decree-law that drowns, by being hasty and unilateral, the universities ”.

• He denounces that the minister “has made it clear that he wants to eliminate the culture of the effort; that he even mocks her and praises the picaresque, the fraud, the copy as an intelligent attitude, that which his American universities reject. "

• He points out that for this reason “it gives a frivolous image of the students who ask for help to pass the course, denies the digital divide, and disqualifies teachers who are looking for an equitable and secure evaluation system, and Universities such as UNED for the benefit of their Open University of Catalonia ”.

• Ensures that the minister "has lost the opportunity to be useful and has fueled exclusions, contradictions and the controversy that encourages confrontation, not the agile solutions and plans that allow us to face this course and plan the next one."

• He reproaches that the Government has not taken advantage of "the potential of the Universities in this crisis, their researchers, laboratories … Nor that solidarity that was made available to them in hours, but that no one directed to the best end".

• "All this contributes little and speaks ill of who is responsible for the Universities," he concludes.

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