La diputada del GPP en el Congreso de los Diputados, María Jesús Moro

Holders of his intervention:

  • The spokeswoman for GPP Universities warns that Minister Castells will lose all credibility to face the necessary university reform “if he accepts to be part of the mockery of the rule of law” that the Bureau between the Government of Spain and the Government of the Generalitat of Catalonia.
  • Urges the minister to “worry” about the needs and challenges of the University, instead of “other tasks”, in order to strengthen and raise the quality and prestige of the University and, thereby, improve the higher education system of Research, innovation and transfer.
  • He advocates a reform of the university system with consensus “from the beginning”, because it would be “a bad method” that such a long-awaited reform be done with opacity and outside the dialogue with other groups.
  • Rejects the "bad decision" devised by Sánchez to "split" the Ministry of Science, Innovation and Universities in two that, in addition to "inconsistent" with those defended by those who support the coalition Government, leads to "uncoordination, slowdown and diversify efforts and resources ”.
  • Stresses that the "structure" ministerial designed by Sánchez "blows the coherence, harmony and coordination necessary to promote a pact for science and policies essential to face the present, the future of the progress of Spain and our younger generations "
  • He urges the Government to favor "a scenario of values" in the University and stresses that "the University must be a sanctuary of freedom, debate and respect for all, whatever their ideology and project."
  • Calls for policies to "overcome" the growing phenomenon "of the imposition of a single thought with anger and force": "Catalan university students have become heroes appointed and persecuted for asking for compliance with the law and respect for their rights, ideas and equality ”.

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