The Higher Institute of Business Studies, ISEE, has appointed María Teresa Gómez Condado as the new general director of the institution. Gomez County He has consolidated experience both in the public sector and in the business world, where he has held, for more than 30 years, positions of maximum responsibility. Is expert in complex projects of public-private collaboration in strategic sectors such as industry, energy, tourism, science and innovation and technology.

This appointment It follows the line pointed by the CEOE CEO, Antonio Garamendi, during the last General Assembly held on July 4, when he announced that he would increase the female presence in the management positions of the Business Confederation.

The new general director of the ISEE, an institution chaired by Santiago Aparicio, president of the Confederation of Businessmen of Castilla y León, CECALE, has a degree in Law and Political Science and Sociology, a diploma from the University of La Sorbonne and a Master in General Management from IESE Business School. In addition, it belongs to the Superior Body of Civil Administrators of the State.

In the public sector, she has served, among others, the position of general director of the General Mutual of Civil Officials of the State, MUFACE, has been undersecretary of Industry, Tourism and Commerce and undersecretary of Science and Innovation. On the other hand, she has chaired the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office, the EOI business school (School of Industrial Organization) and has been the general secretary of ISDEFE (Systems Engineer for the Defense of Spain).

Regarding the private sector, Gómez Condado has been director of Institutional Banking at Banco Santander, president of FUNDETEC (Foundation for the Infotechnological Development of Companies and Society), and vice president of the Forum of Renowned Brands. On the other hand, she has worked as director of cameral coordination in the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Services and Navigation of Spain and general director of AMETIC (Spanish Association of electronics, information technology, telecommunications and digital content companies).

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