The VOX senator for Murcia, José Manuel Marín, has shown today in the Senate the opposition of this formation to the ratification of the Authorization to the International Agreement on taxation on Gibraltar why "whitewashes Gibraltar and recognizes, for the first time in 300 years, the jurisdiction and competence of the Gibraltarian Authorities”.

The senator has denounced that this recognition “is not only done on the land that we gave in Utretch, but also on the southern half of the isthmus that, illegitimately, the United Kingdom has usurped. This recognition by Spain weakens our international position and our legitimate rights of sovereignty, giving rise to Fabian Picardo to vindicate before the United Nations as a people the population of Gibraltar's flood ".

Marín has listed the consequences of this Agreement and has denounced that “our workers will continue to be discriminated against and will be excluded in fact from the generous Gibraltarian welfare system” and “when they retire, they will receive a misery pension, while their co-workers will complete their pension with Household Allowance and Community Care ”.

Marín has also warned that the tobacco smuggling mafias will see their income reduced, and they will launch to supplement their income with “other illicit activities”. In other words, "they will be able to continue passing the black money through the gate and will launder it through sophisticated legal frameworks designed by the Gibraltar law firms."

Along the same lines, the senator has criticized that wealthy Gibraltarians will continue to live in homes owned by Gibraltarian companies in La Línea, Sotogrande, Estepona, Marbella or other places on the coast, and "will continue to pay no taxes in Spain." And Gibraltarian companies will continue to carry out “bunkering activities in Spanish waters, polluting the bay of Algeciras and damaging the port of Algeciras”.

Thus, he explained that the main thing is "to regain our sovereignty over Gibraltar." Because the opposite, he warned, "is to consent to a colony on our soil", accepting the condition of Spain as a colonized country, and its citizens as "discriminated and exploited workers."

"Gibraltar depends economically on Spain and not the other way around," warned the senator, who has denounced that the 8,000 Spaniards who work in Gibraltar "are used as hostages." And he has criticized that Spain "has lost the opportunity to value its rights and to have included the claim of sovereignty in the Brexit negotiations", as well as "to have negotiated better conditions for our workers and for the inhabitants of the Campo de Gibraltar ”.

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