During the session of Control to the Government in the Senate, José Manuel Marín senator of VOX has asked about the reason why the Second Vice President of the Government and Minister of Social Rights and Agenda 2030, Pablo Iglesias, does not agree to go voluntarily before the Supreme Court to clarify his alleged involvement in the "Dina case" and thus avoid doing more damage to our institutions.

"Mr. Iglesias, you, like your president, are a liar." This is how Marín began his speech in the Senate, to which he added: “He has lied to his voters just like him. You have taken advantage of the 15-M movement to carve out a political future ”.

José Manuel Marín has reproached Iglesias that he was "the anti-caste champion" and "has become the most flaky caste: you have to see what a little caste is enough to be part of the caste", and has qualified: "With that Lamb costume does not convince anyone ”.

According to the latest CIS report, Pablo Iglesias is the worst valued politician and his party continues to decline and after providing this data, Marín asked: “How has Mr. Sánchez eaten his ear to do just what he did not want to do? "," Do you remember 2013 when you said that you could not speak or name Spain, do you feel more comfortable talking about Venezuela? If so, what are you doing being the vice president of the Kingdom of Spain? "

After stating that Iglesias has proposed to end Spain and our Constitution, Marín pointed out that Iglesias has become "a bar bully: with his words he practices neighborhood bullying."

Finally, the senator pointed out: "If your friends do not avoid it, you will become the first vice president of Spain investigated by the Supreme Court."

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