During his speech in the Senate and in relation to the Collaboration Agreement between Cantabria and Castilla-León, Senator José Manuel Marín He recalled that it was processed by emergency procedure in the Parliament of Cantabria and was approved unanimously, including the favorable votes of VOX.

In it, health is highlighted due to the doubts it raises, that is: said Agreement will enable care at the Tres Mares Hospital to 12,219 patients from the municipalities of Aguilar de Campoo and Cervera de Pisuerga in Palencia and Valle de Valdebezana in Burgos.

The Ministry of Health already calculated in September 2017 that attending to the inhabitants of the north of Palencia and Burgos, meant going from 20,000 to 40,000 emergencies per year and the manager of the Cantabrian Health Service stressed that it was necessary to increase the staff.

Given this, several questions were raised:
What impact forecast have you calculated on the waiting lists?
What increase in personnel are you going to carry out?
What investments in infrastructure and diagnostic equipment are you going to make?

To these questions, the counselor replied that they have not made any expansion of staff and that they were not going to invest in infrastructure, which will probably lead to problems of care and waiting lists in the future.

“Although, as I have said before, this Agreement was approved unanimously, including the favorable votes of VOX, today and in light of the director's responses, these doubts remain alive, so if they are not resolved, serious problems will arise in management and health care ”, acknowledged Marín.

That is why one of the VOX requests is single health care, "not 17 health services as they exist today, which would avoid the implementation of collaboration agreements between communities," the senator concluded.

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