07-14-2020 | Cs

The secretary general of Cs and the spokesperson for Education of the GPCs, Marta Martín, meet with associations of the concerted school

The General Secretary for Citizens (Cs), Marina Bravo, has warned that "the Government cannot leave any student of the public school behind, regardless of the management of the center." "The health crisis has had the same impact in all educational centers, including public schools, and all students have suffered the same restrictions in favor of public health," explained Bravo, adding that "the pandemic has not understood management modality ”.

Bravo and the spokesperson for Education of the Parliamentary Group of Citizens (GPCs), Marta Martín, have met in the Congress of Deputies with concerted school associations (COFAPA; CECE; CANAE; UECOE; Catholic Schools; and Inclusive Education Yes, Special Also ). Bravo and Martín have reiterated their concern about "the closeness of the parliamentary groups that support the Government, both PSOE and United We Can, for not wanting to allocate the increase in resources for education and agreed in the conclusions of the Commission for Social Reconstruction and Economic also to the concerted centers ”.

Martín recalled that "for Citizens, education is a priority" and criticized "the ideological prejudices" of PSOE and Podemos and the "discrimination that gives students unfavorable treatment in a deliberate manner" with the policies applied by the Government. In addition, he has trusted that the Executive will rectify and that “it takes into account that equity and inclusion are essential requirements for the development of society”.

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