Mario Garcés atiende a los medios de comunicación

Holders of his speech:

  • The GPP deputy spokesman for economic affairs stresses that "the Government asks us for loyalty and they will have it, but we ask that this loyalty be reciprocal."
  • He recalls that "on March 4, four days before the famous March 8, when the World Bank was already warning of a decrease in the world economy, the Government assured that the impact that the coronavirus would have on the economy was going to be irrelevant "
  • He criticizes the Government for "not having been correct in the diagnosis and offering an extemporaneous and insufficient response." "Politics is the art of anticipation, of anticipating problems and reacting," he says.
  • He denounces the "moral outburst" contained in one of the royal decree laws that are used to introduce Pablo Iglesias to the Intelligence Commission. "We are going to ask that it be processed as a bill so that the PSOE can amend that error," he says.
  • “In situations of economic shock, three conditions must be met for the decisions to be correct: immediacy, executability and efficiency. Is the Government in a position to ensure that all the measures are going to be immediate, executable and effective as soon as possible? "
  • "We agree on a large part of the measures that you propose, such as the injection of 100,000 million euros or the easing of the ERTES, but we propose many more: the exemption of the quota of self-employed workers this month and that it be analyzed also if it has to be prolonged; the reduction of at least 50% of the Corporation Tax of the affected companies; the extension of the settlement period for both large companies and SMEs in the case of VAT; the extension of the term of presentation and liquidation of the Income and the possibility of redeeming the pension funds ”, he explains.
  • He demands that “this is not an opportunity for certain allies of his Government to consider that there is an open door for a change in the economic model or the model of freedom. Avoid that through what we are living there is someone who seeks fortune trying to change a model based on freedom. ”

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